Saturday, January 5, 2013

8 months old already!!

Farrah Ann our first little one is already 8 months old! She has finally discovered her feet and thinks her toes taste good :) We got her an activity cube yesterday at Target after spending New Years at my bff's house (otherwise known as mini Toys R Us). Her living room is filled with every toy you can think of. We picked out a few that Farrah liked best and ran to Target to get them with X-mas gift cards. We don't want our baby to be deprived! Her favorite things are still the shapes inside her shape sorter. (she just likes to chew on them) and the bracelet and comb that go in her musical vanity (she likes to chew on them). Her favorite thing from Christmas was the wrapping paper (of course). She is finally getting the hang of eating puree's and has gotten a few puffs in her mouth on her own! She loves carrots and applesauce. Now to get her napping in her crib again.  The never ending struggle...

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